Our School

Our school is located in a tourist area that has its best period during the summer time. We provide a quality learning environment which challenges all students to achieve their personal best and develop a positive vision for their future.

IISS “Fazzini – Giuliani” is a modern high school situated in Vieste and is functional to the needs of our community. Our main courses are: financial and administrative, tourist and lyceum.
In our school essentially we value:
cultural diversity, as we have students coming from different European countries;
the importance of respect for ourselves, others and our community;
responsibility for our own learning, knowledge, achievement;
self-discipline, integrity and taking responsibility for our actions;
participation in all aspects of school life.

IISS “Fazzini – Giuliani” has a commitment to all students and aims to be an excellent school.

We provide quality educational and training opportunities for all of our students. We actively encourage all students to achieve the best they can. We seek to promote within our students a positive vision for their future and we help them become balanced and successful citizens.

IISS “Fazzini – Giuliani” is a secondary school, situated in Vieste called the Pearl of Gargano, which caters students from 14 to 18 years old.
The school is situated on an extremely panoramic site. The school view is attractive and inviting with a wonderful seaside landscape.
Our committed staff is proud of the wide range of opportunities we offer to our students. Academic and social success is the most important goal for all students at our school. We have a range of initiatives designed to meet this objective.
Students are encouraged to participate in education outside the classroom. A large range of sports are offered e.g. basketball, volleyball and football, we have a cineforum activity that has an important role in our school too. Raising student’s self-esteem is an important component of our objectives.

Our school is a place for warmth and friendship and working together. Our teachers are committed to helping each individual student to become the best they are capable of becoming.
Our facilities include a library, eight technology laboratories and other facilities, that allow the school to be able to offer a wide range of subject choices.

Various lessons are organized using IT technologies in specially equipped computer rooms. There are eight well-equipped computer rooms with the Internet access available for all our students. In addition, there are various multimedia rooms with interactive boards, a scientific and a physics laboratory, and a library. We took part in various international projects, and have a very positive experience in multilateral school partnerships Comenius. We have a long experience in students’ mobility abroad in Comenius programs. We had Comenius experiences and exchanges with Belgium, Germany, Spain, Turkey, Romania. We regularly send, through C1 PON, students abroad for various range of language certification. All the students of our school have the possibility of taking part in experiences of exchange with other countries, we had important experiences with a Russian (Moscow) and a German (Frankfurt) school.

We have students belonging to different social levels and nationalities (Romanian, Moroccan, Albanian) as well as students who, sometimes, belong to disadvantaged families and who attend our school to have a better chance of improving their background and to have the possibility of knowing different cultures by learning foreign languages, through language certifications and European programs. We have approximately 50 teachers and 400 students.

We are attending a 14 year project called “Alternating School – Job” in which a group of students alternate a period of school with a period of working activity in local companies and hotels.

Since education alone is not enough for this demanding world they need to build and improve their social and learning skills in order to keep their job or develop a better prospect of employability.